Directioner 4 life

1D rack up a 7th Top 5 with ‘Steal My Girl’ at #3 on the UK Charts

SMG - 5 days to go


Exclusive behind the scenes of Steal my girl x

[HQs] Harry leaving Lily Allen’s after party at ‘the Nice Guy’ Bar in Los Angeles, CA



iHeartRadio Music Festival - Night 2. September 20, 2014


22/08/2014 | houston

LA; Oct. 8

BBC Music is delighted to share with you this extraordinary version of the Beach Boys’ masterpiece, God Only Knows, to celebrate our love of music.

With the 80-piece BBC Concert Orchestra at its heart and 27 ridiculously talented musicians from a wide range of genres, this “impossible orchestra” represents the talent, diversity and musical passion found every single day throughout the BBC.

Buy the charity single. This single is also in aid of this year’s BBC Children in Need campaign. Find out how you can buy a copy here.

right now (dallas) (c)

Red or Black (2011) → iHeartRadio Festival (2014)

louteasdale: Ladies and gentleman, my male grooming skillz 👊

demiame: So uh this happened😳😍😍